About Us

We recognise the importance of building a brand around each property we represent. We take considerable time to develop a thorough understanding of the home and the potential buyer market. We then develop an integrated marketing strategy that usually incorporates editorials in key media combined with an on-line and off-line advertising campaign, as well as utilising events and social media. We use a weekly reporting system to provide vendors with regular feedback about the success of the campaign.

We also develop close and ongoing relationships with prospective purchasers and spend a lot of time assisting them to understand the area they are looking to purchase in beyond just the property market. We provide assistance with trades and related services, advice on schools in the area, recommend restaurants and arrange social gatherings to introduce newcomers to others in the area.

Unique Estates has been regularly recognised for our creative and individual approach in marketing real estate and we are often rewarded with above market value results.

Unique Estates was launched in April 2009 by Nicolette van Wijngaarden. In the August of 2008, whilst running her marketing business, she had been asked by her partner to assist in the sale of the home he had spent seven years building. He had become frustrated by the efforts of local agents and wanted a fresh approach so asked Nicolette to assist in developing that approach. Nicolette entered the home in the International Property Awards and then once it had won Best Property – Australia 2008 she developed a marketing campaign around the property to promote the award it had won and the fact that it was for sale. Some 4 months later after an extensive campaign with huge media coverage through PR – she sold the property for a record price in its area of $7.7 million.

Many other local luxury home owners were impressed with the campaign and her unique approach and called to ask if she would do the same for them. So she got her real estate license and spent some 6 months developing the branding around what was to become “Unique Estates Australia” a boutique luxury real estate agency specialising in marketing unique and luxury homes.

Unique Estates sets itself aside from other agencies by constantly evolving its marketing offerings in promoting the unique and special features of each home we list. We pride ourselves on not just listing the features of a property but telling the ’story’ of its design and its evolution into a home. We work hard to share the personality of the property with the most appropriate buyer audience. We also constantly look for new media in which to present the properties we sell. 6 years ago we utilised 3 websites and 3 print based publications to promote our properties. Today we utilise 15 different National & International websites and over 30 print-based national & international publications. Our campaigns have never just been locally based but reach national and international audiences wherever appropriate to maximise the chance of extending our buyer reach and in turn a great price for the property.

Unique Estates is a member of the Luxury Network. Described as ‘the next generation of marketing for luxury brands’, The Luxury Network is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing, partnerships and events group. A private consortium of premium brands in each luxury capital of the world, working together at senior director level for mutual business and client development.”

Unique Estates Australia saw its greatest year of growth in 2014. Sales more than doubled from the previous year and so did the size of the business in terms of its staff, growing from 8 to a team of 25.

Some other highlights achieved by Unique Estates last year: the highest sale for the year of a property in Byron Bay, NSW and the highest sale for a property in the Northern Rivers region on a single title – 2 separate homes.

We also regularly confidentially assist high end clients in purchasing property in Australia. We often appoint lawyers, bankers and other suppliers to assist in making the process as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Our in-house produced publication – Unique Luxury is now in its fifth year and features over 200 pages of our properties as well as a range of luxury focused articles of interest to our target market. This year we achieved unprecedented support from other luxury brand advertisers and we also sold many more properties than last year as a result of this publication.

Unique Luxury Magazine is an in-house produced publication, printed locally (print run of 20,000) available in Qantas Airways Chairman’s, First Class & Business Class Lounges across Australia and all overseas Lounges; and is also available in 5 star hotels and luxury car service centres across Australia.
Unlike many other Australian Real Estate Agencies the business continues to focus on selling only unique and luxury properties and has licences in every state in Australia. We are also the only agency of its kind that is not franchised in Australia. We are unique in that we regularly fly to different parts of Australia to conduct viewings of our listings.

Most Australian agencies are region based and often focused on one town. Our agency lists properties all over Australia that fit our unique and or luxury niche brief. Our clients buy and sell these types of lifestyle properties regularly and we are regularly told that they come to Unique Estates first as we usually have all of the properties they want to see.

The Unique Estates website has over 2.3 million hits per month. Interestingly of all traffic 50% are repeat visitors. We are often told by our clients that they have been regularly visiting our website for sometimes more than 3 years.

Unique Estates Staff – the team at Unique Estates are the antithesis of transactional in their approach to customer service in every aspect of our business. Our team go beyond the call to assist both buyer and sellers in achieving their property goals in a friendly professional and bespoke manner. We become friends with most of our clients and because of the nature of our approach a huge percentage of our new business comes from recommendations and word of mouth referrals.
We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the sale or purchase of your ‘unique estate’.