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I recently visited the Coral Coast in Fiji with a view to looking at freehold land for sale next to Nanuku Resort. I found the experience both captivating and rewarding. Not only did we gain a great understanding of what’s involved in buying property in Fiji, we gained a magical insight into the wonders of the Coral Coast and why this region is the place to buy.
The flight with Virgin Australia from Sydney took three and a half hours and flew over some beautiful reefs including Elizabeth Reef. We landed in Nadi and took a road transfer to Nanuku which took around around two and a half hours with a lunch stop. Next time I think I’ll take a flight to Suva and a 45 minute drive to Nanuku or perhaps even a helicopter transfer to mix it up.
Driving into Nanuku Resort was like wondering into a tropical garden paradise. As we approached the port cachere we were greated by three Fijian men in traditional dress and face paint. They blew through a shell horn and drummed away a traditional welcome on a wooden drum. The warm sea breeze was a welcome relief from the heat of the day.
I soon discovered that the Coral Coast is otherwise known as the ‘adventure capital’ of Fiji and offers a fantastic array of outdoor activities including but not limited to white water rafting; hiking (the mountainous backdrop of this region is both dramatic and extensive); caving; zip-lining; watersports – snorkelling, diving (the area is famous for its shark dive); sailing, jet-skiing and island hopping. Surfing one of Fiji’s best reef breaks: Frigates, is a 30 minute boat ride away. Pacific Harbour is where most of these activities originate from and it is less than 15 minutes drive from Nanuku Resort. This waterside hamlet also offers some restaurants, bars and other handy amenities.
Nanuku Resort opened in May of 2014 and offers a wonderfully authentic Fijian holiday experience.  The villas are relxaed yet elegant and remarkably spacious and feature vaulted ceilings with thatched rooves and beautiful Fijian handicrafts and workmanship (note the patterned rope work made of coconut husk on the beams featured below known as ‘Magimagi’ which takes hundreds of hours to create). Each villa has its own pool and private tropical garden surrounds and all are waterfront. Rooms start from USD$750 per night and include all meals, transfers and resort activities. While we were there the menu had been designed by reknowned Australian restaurateur Jacques Raymond and combined international cuisine and Fijian ingredients creatively.
Nanuku Resort owns 450 acres of land and this includes considerable oceanfront land as well as an airstrip, helipad and the tropical mountainous area located behind the main buildings of the resort. The resort has just released 10 oceanfront blocks of freehold land for sale and these beautiful parcels of land open onto a white sandy beach overlooking various surrounding islands including Nanuku Island (owned by the resort and accessible for day trips by boat – stunning and a very worthwhile experience); Benqa and Vatulele islands.
The land faces South and this means you get the sun for most of the day. Thankfully the prevailing winds and more dramatic weather comes from the North and the West and as such the blocks are protected whilst being blessed by the wonderful sea breezes which keep the temperature and the humidity very liveable for a tropical destination.
When it comes to buying land in Fiji there are a few key points to consider.  Firstly only around 9% of land in Fiji is freehold. So if you’re buying leasehold  land it is important to consider the terms of the lease and how that can be changed by the land owners and what is involved in renewing the lease.
If you’re not a Fijian and you’d like to buy land in Fiji new laws introduced in 2014 mean you cant buy in the cities (for me the stunning countryside and waterfront land holds most appeal and so this rule suits me perfectly!).
When you buy a property in Fiji the stamp duty is 10% (but only 3% on special use villa zoning), VAT is 15% but if you buy the property through a company structure you can claim this back. There are no additional property taxes once the property is owned. Settlement usually takes around 60 days.
The freehold Nanuku blocks on offer range in size from around 1452sqm (14520sqft) to 3035sqm (30350sqft)  and start at USD $600,000 per lot. Allow $3500 to $5000 Fiji Dollars per sqm (USD $2760 – $3935 per sqm or per 10.76 square feet). Annual body corporate fees are USD$6500 per annum. They include 24 hour security, maintenance of the common areas (gardens, beach & roads) and also enable access to all Nanuku Resort facilities.
Nanuku Resort have appointed GK Architects from Perth, Australia to design a number of concept villa designs for the land for sale. These architects are internationally renowned for their resort designs and originally designed Nanuku Resort. They are available to assist new land owners at Nanuku in coming up with a unique design for their specific block. Land owners can also employ their own preferred architects to design their homes and are welcome to use the resort’s preferred builders or builders of their own choice.
Nanuku Resort offers a fantastic opportunity to own freehold oceanfront land in Fiji in one of the most beautiful parts of this magical land. To find out more visit or email
The Fijian people need a special mention in my words here. I challenge you to find a country with more genuine, heartfelt kindness in its people. For whom smiling and generosity of spirit is a national passtime. The Fijian people is what makes Fiji even more special. They are exceptionally welcoming, pleasant, musical, playful and infectiously happy. I’m really looking forward to my next trip to Fiji for this reason alone.
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